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About AfroValley

Blockchain Platform to drive socio-economic transformation and sustainable development through Digital Transformation.

AfroValley actively enables true social development by creating clear connections between motivated, willing resource pools and beneficiaries of great potential.

Currently it offers cross-border trading platform while digitising relevant data of farmers to better identify food security and economical development challenges in order to connect beneficiaries to appropriate resources to address them. Ultimately supporting Farmers with better welfare, health, economic and social outcomes while modernising the agro sector.

The goal of AfroValley is to foster an integrated approach for smart agriculture by connecting both public and private sectors under a single platform to holistically address agro-supply chain challenges towards efficient use and performance-oriented development activities.

Cross-sector collaboration is paramount to proactively address emerging community challenges and crucial for the expansion of social progress to society as a whole.

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The Ecosystem today
and its challenges

Africa is a resource rich continent, with a population of 1.2 b inhabitants. Among them, more than 420 million are young and aged 15 to 35.

Still, 43% of the Sub-Saharan Africa population lived under the poverty line and a third of its 15-35 year old were unemployed.

With 70% of Africans dependent on agriculture for livelihoods, farmers have not been able to fully grasp the potential of its fertile land as mainly engaged in a substance-oriented outlook.

Exponential growth of development actors including Government agencies, Donors, and NGOs Engaged in Overcoming these challenges.

Foreign aid amounts to 147 billion USD, provided through some of the 40,000 international NGO’S operating around the world.

Beneficiaries remain largely dependent on aid and less self-reliant with No Existing Mechanisms Accounting for all Available resources Flowing.

Focus Point on the Founder


Kume is an astute leader with global experience with over fourteen years track record and significant achievements in corporate IT transformation and social impact entrepreneurship initiatives.

She is an Innovator and a positive disruptor with a strong passion for technology and its capacity to transform society and economy and build a better world. Her Life mission is to use any medium to uplift people to live up-to their God given purpose.


Impact at a glance

Our Solution

An innovative Blockchain based social platform.

Afro Valley enables true social development by creating clear connections between motivated resources pools and beneficiaries of great potential. Keeping beneficiary empowerment at the centre of our approach, we guarantee responsiveness and integrity by providing:

Identity Mangement

Funding & Pre-Approval

Coordination Platform

Payment Service

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Compliance

E-Audit & Governance

Reputation & Trust Management

Digital Consultancy

Why Blockchain

BlockChain technology is transforming both society and the economy, which makes it an exciting technology development.

It has rapidly gained traction in the capital market industry, where people rely on banks and centralized financial hubs to facilitate the verification of monetary transaction.

Blockchain has created efficient and secure ways to cut the intermediate actors involved in every transaction and dramatically reduce the reconciliation processes..

Verification processes are decentralised, cheaper and almost invulnerable to hacking.

AfroValley platform supports Sustainable Development by putting to use blockchain’s competitive advantages:

  • Immutability: Once data is recorded, it can never be changed
  • Efficiency: Automation of processes, services, verifications and decisions
  • Trust and transparency: Non personal content available publicly
  • Security: Almost impossible to hack the data
  • Decentralisation of Power: Verification is done by consensus than single central authority

AfroValley’s business model fits in the concept of circular economy. AfroValley uses the data collected to enable governmental bodies, Intergovernmental agencies, Commercial Entities, NGOs and Local Entrepreneurs to tailor their activity to the needs of citizens and market demand. The data generated by AfroValley comes back to the community in the form of better public goods and service provision.


The currency of Afrovalley Blockchain economy.

BEToken will provide a means to incentives the participants to build a transparent, honest and impact driven community.

When Afro valley platform is fully operative, BEToken will be used as:

  • Membership access to the AfroValley network

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