Trading platform for the Agro commodity

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“Lafa bunni Jiru Nagaan Jira”
– where there is coffee, there is peace

In a Nutshell


The current agricultural supply chain is prone to risks of non-payment and malpractice and is dominated by intermediaries who pay below market prices to suppliers and charge significant premiums to end clients. Despite the increased demand from consumers and policy groups for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices, food supply chains remain largely opaque, particularly around equity issues.

Afrovalley is a decentralised agriculture trading platform and ecosystem launching in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The Afrovalley program will serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace directly connecting farmers to wholesalers and retailers, assuring product quality and quantity to the buyer, and opening direct financing, market opportunities, and greater return for producers/farmers in safe environment.



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