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Social Project that utilizes NFT and digital Art work to connect actors across agri value chain, Farmers upto consumers beyond commercial values under single platform



The Dancing Goats  – The Rise of Coffee

The Dancing Goats NFT/Digital Art is a social project that reimagines and reinvigorates Coffee Arabica as the  most important gift to the world originating from Jimma, Oromia in Ethiopia. The project was conceived by Afrovalley, and executed  in partnership with project members and community Partners.

Why NFT (“non fungible token”) 

NFTs are tokens that signify a specific good or asset, such as digital art and used to represent ownership of unique items. They are traceable and can be sold on NFT marketplaces, minted, auctioned, or used as assets.

Although NFTs have been mainly used to signify ownership to empower the creative industry, The technology has also opened up new ways of storytelling and consumer interaction making it a platform for effective marketing strategy. 

The projects uses innovative approach to support farmers empowerment and sustainable development utilizing NFTs competitive advantages:

  • NFT technology can provide a new state-of-the-art user experience while helping to increase brand awareness and affinity through digital art work.
  • NFT can be used as a platform to connect and build direct relationships between farmers and end consumers.
  • NFT technology for digital certificate ownership as personalized gifts and/or vouchers to access Farmers communities products.
  • The technology provides a way to combine monetary gifts with digital artworks, allowing NFTs to be used to raise funds for various social causes.
  • We choose this NFT platform because it uses an environmentally friendly mechanism in order to generate NFTs.
  • We care for the environment and in doing so we are rewarded with many years of Coffee Arabica.

The Drop


It will depict socio/culture, heritage values and coffee farmers experience utilising NFT and digital art work as a platform to connect Consumers to producers beyond commercial values:

  • As Educational & awareness building tools
  • To Promote and Protect Traditional Knowledge(TK)
  • Digital certificate to access the Farmers Coffee products and their brand via the Afrovalley Blockchain based trading platform.

Community Engagement


The NFT product will be used as a tool to support farmers in capacity building to improve quality of production and coffee supply chain effectiveness, ultimately improving farmers’ income in a transparent and accountable manner through the use of Blockchain technology. This will be implemented  by making a payment of 60% of the drop  to the ‘Farmers capacity building project’ through Jimma Zone to enable the farmers with the infrastructure for quality coffee production.

Meet the Team

  • Kume Chibsa
    Kume Chibsa

    The Brain, Afro Valley

  • Anthony Muisyo
    Anthony Muisyo

    The Creative Digital Artist

  • Andrew Ngurumi
    Andrew Ngurumi

    The strategist, Art Lawyer & NFT strategist .

The Community Partners

  • Abbabiyya Abbajobir
    Abbabiyya Abbajobir

    Community Ambassador

  • Jimma University
    Jimma University
  • Jimma Zone
    Jimma Zone
  • Guji Zone
    Guji Zone

The Roadmap

Q4 2021

The first six image releases:

“Aadaa Bunaa”

“Aadaa Buna Qalaa” – Traditional Coffee-dish making
“Aadaa Buna Danfisuu” – Traditional Coffee drinks Making


Oromo Thanksgiving

“Aradaa bunni jiru nagaan jira“

Oromo Peace-Making

“Bunni Keenya Burqaa qabeeynaati”

Coffee for Community

“Dhaalomsa Bunaafi Daldalaa” 

Coffee heritage and trade

“Laga Dhidheessaa”

Dhidhessa river

Q1 2022

Subsequent NFT Release capturing individual Farmers Coffee farming user  experience.

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