Afro Valley’s vision is to create a dynamic of collaboration among African-based organizations.

By displaying each project’s purposes and the resources allocated, our platform allows stakeholders in the ecosystem to communicate and pool resources to achieve common goals. This win-win logic not only raises efficiency of service delivery, but also incentives actors to increase their performance score collectively.

In addition, more than a collaborative actors in the ecosystem, Afro Valley aims to bring both the public and private sectors together in supporting farmer empowerment. In this regard, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders specialised in health, education, energy or agriculture gather their experience to generate innovation, competition and productivity.

This cross-sectorial integration is the key to a coherent development effort.



Afrovalley is currently Looking for funders and investors to partner with us in
building the next generation agro trade center hubs across the Oromia region. The trade hubs will be an extension to commodity trading platforms to support farmer empowerment endeavors covering quality assurance, capacity building and community development goals.

We are growing a one of a kind community empowerment program and we want you to be part of our future. An organization that is efficient, technologically forward thinking, and altruistic towards its primary stakeholders: OUR FARMERS.

2021/22 Project Pipeline –
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